Chimney Sweep Season Special

New Jersey Chimney Sweep $169 Season Special

Up On the Roof Professional Chimney Sweeps not only clean chimneys, they maintain a high level of knowledge of codes regarding proper construction, and proper installation of the fuel burning appliances that vent into the chimney. All appliances that burn fuel must use a chimney or venting system, and all these systems need to be checked annually.

Improper installation or inadequate cleaning of the vent system can reduce appliance efficiency and waste fuel, and presents potential danger from fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and damage to your home caused by outdoor weather damage.

The accumulation of creosote, a tar-like substance, is the main reason for cleaning your chimney. If the build-up of creosote ignites, a chimney fire results. Chimney systems are not designed to handle the high temperatures of a chimney fire. These extremely high temperatures can actually warp metal chimneys and crack the clay liner in masonry chimneys.

Fuels such as oil also cause a buildup in the venting system that can cause a total blockage and/or back puffing if not properly cleaned and maintained. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide are both life threatening and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the homeowner.

When was the last time your chimney was cleaned and safety inspected?

Furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and vented heating systems are only as safe and efficient as the chimney that vents them.

A professional chimney sweep offers not only chimney cleaning services, but inspection services as well. Up On the Roof specializes in all aspects of chimney repair and maintenance including relining, masonry repair, waterproofing, damper repair/replacement , troubleshooting of venting problems and cap installation.

We also specialize in chimney certifications. Call now to schedule your annual chimney sweep/inspection and keep your home safe. Chimney Sweep and Inspection $169 (reg price $199) *Not to be combined with any other offer *Per venting system

*$199 Special for Wood Stove/ Insert Cleaning and Furnace Flue Cleaning (reg $249)

Town House/Condo rates available

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